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Feather Charms

Feathers have many meanings, such as representing aspirations or physical, emotional, or spiritual freedom. Cultures around the world consider the feather to be mystic symbols of a connection to the spiritual world and the divinity. Many believe that when you find a feather - especially in a place where it stands out - it is a message from the spiritual realm or a sign that a loved one has safely reached the other side. Thus the phrase "feathers appear when angels are near." The Iroquois have the Great Feather Dance, which is one of their four core ceremonies. It is also symbolic of our connection with the divine, and has become a celebration of life.

Because of the connection with the divine and spiritual realm, feathers are often considered good luck. White feathers are often seen as symbolic of purity, peace, love, protection, and light. Black feathers are considered protection against evil or negativity or a sign that a loved one is watching over you. Black feathers also symbolize wisdom and are a reminder to remain open to new ideas or insights.

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