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Create Your Statement


Start by using your largest charm as the centerpiece. 

As you design the necklace use large and medium pieces at the front and use smaller charms as you go up.

Distribute different colors and shapes evenly around the centerpiece. You will develop a "theme" for the arrangement, but try to avoid "matching" colors or shapes directly across from one another. Stagger the designs a bit as you go up the chain.


​To create a balanced look, use an odd number of charms, placing an even number on either side of your centerpiece.


If you are not sure where to start, you can purchase a layered necklace designed by Coreen. Or, schedule a virtual design consultation with Coreen and work with her to create your perfect statement necklace.

Jewelry Pliers

We highly recommend using jewelry pliers to tighten the hook when adding a charm to a necklace and to open it for easy removal. If you do not have pliers readily available, we do have them in our Shop.

The hook MUST BE PRESSED CLOSED after placement in order for the charm to stay on your chain. If it is not, you risk losing your charm.

Adaptive Hook

Incorporate pendants and charms you already own into your Coreen Cordova statement necklace with our Sterling Silver Hook. Adding this to your pieces is just as easy as moving any of Coreen's charms. It's best done using jewelers pliers. 



Using jewelry pliers, grab the round loop at the bottom of the hook.  (If you do not have jewelry pliers, you can use a butter knife.)



Carefully open the loop just wide enough to fit the ring of your pendant.



Slip the ring of your pendant through the small opening you have made.



Grab the end of the loop with your pliers & carefully close it so your pendant is secure.

Help Your Jewelry Last


Whether you choose the silver-plated chain or sterling, your silver will keep its shine longer if stored with the least amount of air/moisture exposure. A simply, though admittedly not very attractive, storage option is plastic bags. If your silver does begin to tarnish, use a soft silver cleaning cloth to bring back the shine. I highly recommend my favorite: Sunshine Polishing Cloths.

We advise against using harsh abrasive cleaners or silver polish. This may damage many of the materials used in our jewelry. And, please exercise caution even with a polishing cloth -- bone (a common material found in our pendants) is very easily blemished by the black smudges from a polishing cloth. 

Additional Tips

  • Beauty and body products such as hairspray, perfume, makeup, lotion, etc. may discolor or damage your jewelry. 

  • Brightly colored beads can fade in sunlight. It is best to keep them in a drawer or jewelry box. 

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