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Coreen Cordova

After 35 years in the cosmetic industry where she did everything from owning makeup studios in San Francisco on Union Square to being a celebrity makeup and fashion expert on local and national television to national spokesperson for the beauty division of a major US corporation. Through all of this, Coreen found a new inspiration: a passion for jewelry.

When designing her own jewelry line she wanted to do it in a way that would allow each woman to express her own personal look.

While living in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, Coreen started silversmith classes and decided that this would be her “second act”. This allowed her to breathe life into her signature style concept: detachable pendants, in varied themes, that would allow the wearer to become her “design partner”. This versatility in charm and chain choices makes Coreen Cordova’s jewelry unique, creative and inspirational. 

Coreen’s lifestyle is as exuberant as her jewelry creations.

Coreen is a passionate, lifelong collector of folk art. In her home, Coreen displays her amazing collection of Mexican folk art, paintings, textiles, embroidered costumes, colorful pillows and wearable adornment.

Inspired by her heritage, Coreen embraces the vibrant colors and textures of Mexico.

Color is everywhere you look, with the exception of the serene all-white bedroom. With so much to take in, there is also a careful sense of order in the densely-packed, altar-like placements of her collections.

Coreen’s house and lifestyle are an endless inspiration to her artful jewelry.

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