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Silver Tag Charms
Copy of Silver-Fred-Harvey-replica-Tag-Charms-Bracelet-Western-Charms-Coreen-Cordova-Jewel

Coreen Cordova has traveled the world, gathering inspiration and unique items to share with you. The Southwest has been a huge influence on her collection.

These tag charms are recreations of designs from the Fred Harvey / railroad era during the early 1900s. The indigenous jewelers often preferred jewelry that was large, such as Squash Blossom necklaces. But, to appeal to the growing number of tourists who preferred dainty jewelry, the artisans began creating smaller pieces that had recurring patterns and inset turquoise or other small stones.

At the same time, entrepreneur Fred Harvey began promoting tourism in the Southwest, starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He  opened restaurants, catered on railway cars, and then opened hotels along the railroad route where his souvenir shops featured handmade Native American jewelry.  

The original "Fred Harvey" pieces have significant historic value. I used my personal collection of original Native American “tags” to create the tag charms you see below. They are perfect additions to your jewelry collection!

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